Which is the best Squarespace template for blog?

We will guide you to choose the best Squarespace template for blog.

Squarespace started in 2004, till then Squarespace designers develop 60+ templates to use for your business website. Every template is responsive, so it will adjust in any devices like mobile, tablets,iPad, computers, and laptops.

There are many templates to choose from. So here comes the question?

Which Squarespace template is a perfect fit for my business website?

We will answer this question step by step with details.

Choose template according to content

Yes, You heard it right. Choosing a Squarespace template is completely depends on what content you are posting on your blog or website.

If you are a photographer who will post a lot of photos on your blog. Then choosing a picture based template like Carson, Balboa, Matsuya is a good option. Or if you are a blogger and writer then go with text-heavy templates like Foundry, Fillmore.

Let us suppose, you have selected a template and started editing it. After building half of your site you have changed your mind to choose another template. No worries you have a chance to edit any number of templates until the trial period without paying the price to the platform. You can preview and switch between the templates to choose the perfect one.

So don’t feel bad if you choose the wrong template at the first. You will always have a chance until trial (14 days).


Picking out the right template from the collection is very simple if you know the category of your website. Majorly it’s a professional blog, portfolio website, online store, Photography blog, a wedding website. So what is your website category?

With Squarespace, we can able to build attractive landing pages which are very important to collect leads(users information).

Best Squarespace template for blog

There are different type of templates available in Squarespace those are divided into categories to make it simple to choose from. As discussed earlier, categories like Photography, Blogging, eCommerce store, and Podcasts.
The templates are editable with many options like changing fonts, color and editing layouts and menus. You can customize the template to get your desired look.
Pro Tip: Squarespace shows less templates if you go with the category wise, Instead search according to your need. Then it will bring more templates than before.

Squarespace blog examples


Squarespace magazine template, Skye is a magazine-style template with a grid layout, It gives an awesome browsing experience to your audience.

It is well fit for travel, lifestyle, and food blogs. This template features include features images (thumbnails), infinite scrolling option, author profile, sidebars in single posts, and a sticky footer.

And Skye family includes four more templates those are Tudor, Foundry, Indigo, and Ready. Skye family is one of the Squarespace blog templates with sidebar by default, you can adjust it in the settings option.


Squarespace brine template, Brine is a famous template that can be used to create a dynamic blog with a grid or list type style. With this brine template, you can create a professional brand or company website.

Personalize the content, header section, footer section, and mobile styles will make your site look awesome.


Aria is one of the popular templates for artists and musicians. It can also perform well for classroom and teaching blogs. Don’t limit yourself not to use this template, it will easily customizable with few adjustments. Aria comes with a news section and calendar by default, which makes the blog more interactive. So it is the best Squarespace template for blog.

4.Shibori DIY

Are you planning to start a DIY or crafting blog, then Shibori is a perfect choice for you. Shibori was designed with crafting bloggers in mind. They mentioned Shibori is well designed for workshops, if you’re selling products or your services, then this cool template is a great choice for you. As per the Shibori layout, you can easily adjust your personal branding like logo, author avatar at the top.

It’s quite easy to set up for workshops by just adding signup pages and you can conduct live events too.


Farro is very near to Brine in terms of design, but it is the best food blog template in Squarespace. It best matches people who are having a heavy content website like news sites. some common features including featured images, infinite scroll, and author profile.


Squarespace is having a wide range of templates to use, here we discussed very few of them. Please take a look at the best Squarespace templates that best match your blog idea. You can try all the available templates within your blog category, no worries if you switch. Switch between the templates and select the best one for your Squarespace blog.

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